Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big News -

The Spandex File now has a video sharing area just like YouTube where you can submit videos and they get converted to Flash video so anyone can view them. You also get your own MySPace style profile for good measure.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

9 New Albums on

I have added 9 albums to the new category "Pay Site Contributions" on the Lycra Photo Sharing site. These are sets freely donated by Lycra /Spandex fetish sites for the enjoyment of the community.

I have also been adding links to the Lycra Links Directory.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Major Updates - Lycra Photo Sharing & Forums

I had completely neglected this blog thinking that no-one read it until the other day when I noticed the number of people clicking through to the Lycra File from here. Now I have added Google Analytics so I can keep track of visitors in place of the old Digital Point Web Counter.

So back to the main topic - Lycra/Spandex stuff:

I have been woking hard over the Christmas break to add two major features to the Lycra File that have their own domain names: - We all want more photos of girls in Lycra & Spandex and they aren't always easy to find. Lyc Sharing is a place where we can all submit the photos we find for other lycraphiles to enjoy. Its a completly free service and I plan to keep it that way (even if the bandwidth usage is astronomical). - Lyc(ra) Minded is a forum attached to the photo sharing system over at LycSharing. The idea is to give people a place to share experiences and show off their Lycra finds. There is also an eMule downloads section that has links to Lycra/Spandex content on the Edonkey2000 file sharing network. Theres some great stuff in there so check it out. - If you like wearing Lycra you'll love the price of it on eBay. The Lycra Finder is a unique tool to make searching for Lycra bargains almost as quick as checking your emails - just open the site, choose your favorite category and look what's been added since yuour last visit. Beleive me, its much faster than searching eBay directly.

You can post feedback about any of the sites in the LycMinded Forums.

Have a tight & shiny new year!

Lycraphile now lists 396 Lycra Fetish Sites has 1314 Photos of Women in Lycra

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lycra File Updates - 23 April 2005

I have been adding a site or two every few days over the last month but I have failed to keep a track of where I have added them

I plan to implement a "new site" flag for listings added in the last month to make life easier for repeat visitors.

Thank you to everyone who has made submissions.

Lycra Links now number 358

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lycra File Updates - 27 March 2005

Today I have added sites to the following categories:

dancewear usa
dancewear uk
yahoo groups
swimwear usa
dive skins usa
cycle clohthing uk
running clothing uk
men in lycra
lycra fetish sites (pay)
sportswear fetish
small lycra galleries

Many thansk to those who have made submissions.

Now listing 343 Lycra Fetish Sites.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Lycra File Updates - 7 March 2005

It's been a busy time for me so wont make any excuses.
Added the following contributions with kind thanks to the submitters:

Equestrian Vaulting Galleries
Dancewear UK
Lycra Links & Portals
Lycra Fetish Sites (Pay)
Yahoo Groups
Men in Lycra

I've got a loads of sites in my bookmarks to add as soon as time allows, so watch this space!

Now listing 318 Lycra Links.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Updates - 10 February 2005

I crashed my car this week so my time is at a premium (I have to commute for an extra 2 hours per day now that I don't have transport).

So once again its been a lean week for additions, I hope to get some serious submissions done this weekend.

Site added today to:

Lycra Fetish Sites (FREE)
Lycra Fetish Sites (PAY)
Lycra Links & Portals

Many thanks to the submitters.

Lycra Links now number 309.